Travel Series: Vietnam

I took a trip to Vietnam in March 2014. Once the jet lag and culture shock wore off, the beauty of the country and its people overwhelmed me.  I wanted to capture and share some of the moments from that great adventure, so I created some postcards and travel posters with the photos I took. 

Windy City Rollers Posters

Exploration concepts for the 2014 Windy City Rollers. 

Book Covers

Book cover designs for two publications for Once Peace Books.

Old Roller Derby Designs

One day in 2004 I saw a flier on Division Street that said "Want to join the roller derby?" I hardly knew what roller derby was the time.  But I knew the answer was "Yes. Yes, I do."  I met the other 25 women who felt the same way and the rest was history.  We formed the Windy City Rollers - Chicago's Original Flat Track Roller Derby League.  For the first two years, I created all promotional materials as well as developed the brand identity. (I also kicked some ass on the track as a skater.)  These are various posters, tickets, ads and other memorabilia from that time.